About Me

I’m a Web Guy, Entrepreneur and Linchpin.

Lyn the Web Guy

I like to class myself a web guy, simply because i’m a bit of an all rounder with a passion for all things related to the web and websites. Since 2002 I’ve developed and project managed dozens of web applications, designed hundreds of websites and successfully marketed small to medium businesses giving them huge returns on their investments.

My web development/design skills include:

  • xhtml
  • css
  • javascript /jquery
  • Ruby on Rails
  • WordPress / Magento
  • Web Design / UX Design (adobe suite)
  • SEO / Pay Per Click Management
  • SCRUM Agile Project Management

Lyn the Entrepreneur

I love a challenge and putting innovative ideas into action. Since 2006 I have been part of many interesting and successful businesses and projects which include two publications and an award winning marketing and digital agency which employs 6 members of staff.

Running a successful businesses in a recession has played a huge part of my personal development. Everything from sales and marketing to managing staff and clients have molded me into a knowledgeable and skilled guy with commercial nouse and value.

Lyn the Linchpin

My knowledge and skills in web technologies, marketing and business combined with creativity and initiative make me an indispensable member of any team or project. I have a mind full of ideas with the energy and enthusiasm to put them into action and always ship them out.

Other Interesting stuff about Lyn

When i’m not working and being a nerd I enjoy a bit of cooking, walking the dog and the odd few pints now and then. I love sport and played semi professional Rugby for many years and retired in 2009.