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The 3 ingredients of good content for the web

How many times have your heard content marketing and viral marketing is the future for successful digital marketing campaigns?

We’re told that outbound marketing doesn’t work anymore and that in order to communicate with our target markets we need to pull our customers in with interesting content across the web or get found on search engines rather than pushing our messaging out to customers.

I couldn’t agree more but what actually frustrates me is the amount of crap content out there on the web that is put under your nose everyday. We’re seeing the same old articles with titles, there a million infographics out there all with the same messages and if I see another meme with a squiggly drawing face with ‘Impact’ font on facebook i’m going to shut down my account.

The term ‘cutting through the noise’ has never been so significant, whether it’s traditional offline advertising or the mass of unthoughtful web content I believe in order to cut through this noise and to get your story and brand recognition content should try to consist of 3 key characteristics.

  • Authenticity
  • Remarkability
  • Emotion

It’s taken me some time to understand how important these 3 things really are but when they are used correctly and focused at a particular tribe or community the results will speak for themselves.

Here’s my quick explanation of each:

Being Remarkable

I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin and his thoughts have actually inspired me into becoming a Digital Marketer. In his book ‘Purple Cow’ he explains to us how being remarkable is one of the keys to brands getting their ideas to spread.

“Being remarkable” is usually understood as being good but it’s actually i defined as “worth talking about” or “worth remarking about”. Your brand needs to be remarkable but so does your content. Social Media is word of mouth on steroids and content can instantly discussed, commented or shared throughout your network at a click of a button.

If your content is boring it’s not worth doing, it won’t be shared and it’ll fall on deaf ears.

Being Emotional

A good story has good emotion whether its happiness, surprise, anger, fear, disgust, or sadness. These emotions are the catalyst to remarkability. Whether the content brings a positive emotion with some or a negative emotion with others it can still entice remarkability.

Being Authentic

Above all people need to believe in the content too and “being authentic” has been popular advice for using social media that supports that notion. Not only does social media need authenticity so does web content and other brand communications.

Simon Sinek puts across an amazing description of authenticity in an interview with host Erik Michielsen of Capture Your Flag. He says “authenticity is the the things you say and the things you do you actually believe. … When you only say and only do the things you actually believe, people will trust you”.

And when ‘cutting through the noise’ trust is imperative.

So… I hope this article covers these 3 content traits. What are your thoughts? Please remark!